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Pacificdeals CP-0002 Pack of 1Multi-Purpose Semi Fluid Transparent White Easy to Use Strong Adhesive Glue Sealant Clear Waterproof Glue Compatible For Laptop Bezel Slime Rhinestone Clothes School Kids Projects Jewellery Shoes Sole Repair Mobile Phone LCD Touch Display Screen Repair Plastic Toys epoxy Resin Decorations Art Craft Work leather Bag DIY Fabric Nail Border Clear – 50ml


About this item

  • Multi-purpose – Great for gluing D.I.Y. wood finish, repairing cracked items, sticking wall decorations and more
  • This super glue has industrial-grade adhesive power which is 100% waterproof and incredibly strong.
  • Glue for Repairing – Penetrates the finest micro-fractures, pores, and cracks –Can be applied to flat, vertical, uneven and overhead surfaces.Works on Various Surfaces including rubber, metal, ceramics, plastic, glass, wood and more
  • Nail Glue False Nail Tips Wood Glue Glue Sticks & Pens Liquid White Glues Adhesives Super Glue Art Glues Glitter Bead Assortments Clay Silicone Adhesives Slime Toys Sealers Glue gun Glue dots glue sticks for kids Glue traps Glue gallon Glue rings Glue dots removable industrial Adhesive

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Pacificdeals CP-0002


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